90 Days of Oral Sex Challenge - Jaiya and D.Love Blow Each Other Away!

What man would be resistant to 90 Days of giving and receiving oral sex?  Well, my own partner wasn't really up for the challenge, so I had to step up and discover his true resistances, address those resistances and come up with ways for us to win at this challenge.  My new book Blow Each Other Away: A Couples' Guide to Sensational Oral Sex launches this month and I'm so excited to inspire couples all over the world to join D.Love and I as we embark on 90 Days of Oral Sex.  I believe that oral sex can be a sex life saver for busy couples and couples who are experiencing challenges that don't allow them to have intercourse.  Sometimes I even think that Oral Sex should be the main event instead of intercourse.  Be sure to watch how D.Love and I communicate at the end of a long week when we are both stressed, yet we still come out feeling great after a conversation about how to make the 90 Day Challenge work for us.  Learn how to get your partner on board for your own sex life challenge in this epsiode all about negotiating your needs in the bedroom!